Apron Chronicles_Apron Pictures

These apron photos are courtesy of EllynAnne Geisel and are provided for use in all manner of promoting the exhibit within and outside of the venue (advertising, invitations to events, newspaper and all other print media).

To Download in a lower resolution, Right Click on the apron picture or storyteller portrait and select “Save Target As,” which allows you to save the image to your computer.

To Download in a high resolution, Left Click on the apron picture or storyteller portrait; Download and save to your computer…

Crochet Aprons
Download: Crochet Aprons
Flower Aprons
Download: Flower Aprons
Apron Hankie Pocket
Download: Apron hankie pocket
Matching Hot Pads
Download: Matching hot pads
Apron Feedsacking
Download: Apron feedsacking
Aprons in a draw
Download: Aprons in a draw
Backyard Daddy Ensemble
Download: Backyard Daddy ensemble
Christmas apron clothesline
Download: Christmas apron clothesline
Clothesbasket of aprons
Download: Clothesbasket of aprons
Clothesline of aprons
Download: Clothesline of aprons
Clothespin apron
Download: Clothespin apron
Coke bottle aprons
Download: Coke bottle aprons
Cynthia Apron
Download: Cynthia apron
Diner waitress ensemble
Download: Diner waitress ensemble
Domestic arts
Download: Domestic arts
Domestic jail
Download: Domestic Jail
EllynAnne's first apron
Download: EllynAnne’s first apron
Entertainment ensemble cherries
Download: Entertainment ensemble cherries
Entertainment ensemble roses
Download: Entertainment ensemble roses
Feedsack bib
Download: Feedsack bib
Flip Skirt Lady
Download: Flip skirt lady
Gingham 3 pockets
Download: Gingham 3 pockets
Handpainted Taffeta
Download: Handpainted taffeta
Kitchen kitsch patchwork
Download: Kitchen kitsch patchwork
Download: Lavender frou frou
Little girls apron
Download: Little girls apron
Little girl bib
Download: Little girl bib
Mexican fabric
Download: Mexican fabric
Pink pinner embroidered
Download: Pink pinner embroidered
Smoochie apron
Download: Smoochie apron
Valentine heart pocket
Download: Valentine heart pocket